Representative Payee Assistance is a program that provides free caseworker assistance to persons suffering from mental illness, chemical dependency, or physical disabilities, and who are unable to manage their federal benefits independently, including Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability.  

The Stewpot provides free representative payee services and is actively recruiting volunteers to serve as independent advocates for at-risk clients.

The Stewpot Representative Payee Program is a proactive effort to keep clients living independently. Federal benefits assistance is often required by Social Security Administration in order for our program participants to receive funds.

Applicants must have a letter from Social Security stating the requirement of a payee.

You may call Courtney Ray-Riddle at 214.382.5928 or email her at for more information.  

Excerpt from Serving Second Chances, a film by Alan Govenar. Courtesy of The Museum of Street Culture at Encore Park.