We offer an array of additional services that help our clients who are experiencing homelessness meet both immediate needs and longer-term goals. 

mail services

Access to communication is a key factor in overcoming homelessness and poverty. To help address this need, the Stewpot provides a mailing address and mail services to clients experiencing homelessness, allowing them to receive crucial communications and offer an address on a resume.


community court

Another critical issue facing many experiencing homelessness is the need to resolve legal problems. The Stewpot assists clients in this resolution by offering Community Court on an annual basis. An important aspect of the City of Dallas Class C misdemeanor resolution is the alternative sentencing program. A work day of community service is offered to resolve these misdemeanors - which in turn allows our clients to remove the barriers or “holds” that may be on their state issued IDs. We also offer a court for resolution of DART citations. Please see the front desk for next scheduled court dates.


other services

Additional services are also available, including morning coffee, hygiene item distribution, Bible study, clothing, benefits assistance, counseling, HIV testing, and Legal Aid. Please see the front desk for details, and for days and times these and other services are provided.