There may be additional needs not listed here. If you would like to offer your assistance for any of the below - apart from STREETZine - please contact Betty Heckman at or 214.382.5918.

Baked Goods Delivery 

Many grocery stores and bakeries donate baked goods and volunteers are needed to help pick them up and bring to The Stewpot.


In-Kind Goods Pickup and delivery

Individuals and business done in-kind items that must be picked up. The Stewpot does not always have an employee available to do it. 


Office Work 

Occasionally office work assistance is needed. Volunteers can inquire to see if there is a current need.


Writing for STREETZine

STREETZIne is a street paper published by The Stewpot and distributed by homeless and impoverished individuals. Pro-bono writers, photographers and artists are welcome to submit their work for publication. Please send an email to if you would like to offer your assistance.