The love of the art takes me away from the issues that I am dealing with. This was my first show and I appreciate the opportunity.
— Lee Christopher Albritton
The class gives me comfort and it brings me back to things I used to enjoy.
— Leon Pollard
The art class is such a wonderful opportunity to have a space to work in and work with other artists. The galleries we have been able to show in are great.
— Clare Nilson
To be able to show our work is a gift from God and I greatly appreciated. Regardless of the value of my work, it is exhibited and seen and for this I am grateful.
— Martha Laws
I feel GOD (the Creator) is an artist, so I create art to be closer to him, or her.
— Charles William (Faciall)
I am a person who knows about God and that He is always in my life. Everything that I do is about God. I hope that the world will get the message that God loves us and wants a relationship with us.
— Cornelious Brackens, Jr.
The Stewpot Art Program has been a great place for me to express all of my creative talents.
— Donald of Dallas
Art is a passion. It puts me in another zone and helps me to deal with the past. Art is very therapeutic.
— Lee Albritton
Art is everywhere. Art is anything that people find beauty in.
— Leon Pollard
The Art Program has helped me to get back out in the world after a long period where I rarely left my house and in so doing helped bring me back to a more normal life.
— Velietta Dickens Rogers