Representative Payee Program Coordinator


LMSW, LBSW, Higher Education in Social Work or related field


  • Prefer 1+ year experience working with people experiencing homelessness, low income families, or mental health.
  • Some experience with budgets, financial planning, and account management is helpful.
  • Comfortable working with people of all backgrounds and abilities.


Suggested starting salary of $41K


A complete benefit package is offered as part of this position.

Organizational Structure

This position will report directly to the Manager of Casework Services and the Executive Director of The Stewpot.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee the entire Representative Payee caseload which includes:
    • Ensuring Rep Payee caseworkers and volunteers are following Rep Payee procedures and policies as set by Social Security and The Stewpot;
    • Maintain the Rep Payee census and the distribution of clients to the casework staff and volunteers.
  • Update the program guidelines, policies and procedures as needed.
  • Train caseworkers and volunteers on Rep Payee program with regularly scheduled training updates to ensure ongoing knowledge of program.
  • Supervise caseworkers and volunteers regarding the rep payee program.
  • Work with intake coordinator on scheduling new applicants.
  • Complete intake process for New Applicants:
    • Conduct interviews for prospective clients;
    • Request necessary medical and psychiatric records;
    • Obtain criminal background checks;
    • Prepare and present new applicants information to team for acceptance into program;
    • Meet accepted applicants at the social security office for the final process of The Stewpot becoming the Representative Payee.
  • Screen and interview prospective volunteers to ensure they are a good fit for the program.
  • Advocate for clients and coordinate care with outside agencies. This may include working with the client’s landlords, case manager, and social security representative.
  • Teach clients basic budgeting skills.
  • Apply appropriate boundaries with clients.
  • Ensure client charts/files are maintained in the appropriate order.
  • Maintain working knowledge of requirements related to SSA organizational payees, Social Security Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and SNAP.
  • Be knowledgeable in the use of Representative Payee Manager (RPM) database and how to utilize the RPM manual and helpdesk.
  • Process monthly deposits.
  • Be an active member of the National Organization of Rep Payees, participating in the monthly phone conferences and seek guidance from the organizations when questions related to procedures arise.
  • Maintain client privacy according to HIPPA guidelines.
  • Respond in a timely manner to SSA questions related to client accounts.
  • Meet with other caseworkers' and or volunteers' rep payee clients in their absence.

Please email a resume and cover letter to