Horticultural therapy is a client-centered approach in which the therapist uses plants to help the client reach his or her physical, psychological, vocational or social goals.  

Plants and gardening activities are highly adaptable to each client’s needs and with the right tools, can be adapted to allow independent gardening for people who assume that because of physical limitations they will not be able to garden. 

Research has shown that plants and gardening have a tremendous benefit on health including stress relief, lower blood pressure, and increased self-efficacy. People experiencing homelessness have experienced the trauma of losing a home and commonly suffer from stressed induced illnesses.

The Garden Club meets weekly in Encore Park Community Garden to focus on wellness of our clients. This group teaches horticulture skills in a fun and engaging way while also focusing on wellness of our clients by educating them on the health benefits of fruits, vegetables and herbs grown at The Stewpot.