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Charles William "Facial" 

Born June 7, 1974 in Riverside California, Charles began his passion for art at age three by watching is aunt produce portraits. Charles moved to Texas in December of 1986. He attended Nimitz High School in Irving Texas. In 1993, Charles continued his art by becoming a professional cake decorator for eight years. In late 2004, Charles knew there was a better path for him and looked toward his higher power for the answer. Charles has been awarded several competition awards; you can find Mr. William in several Dallas Morning News articles and videos on YouTube as well. “I always look forward to what I can do next to become a great all around artist, which then brings me closer to my higher power, self, and full potential.” Charles continues to produce painting through The Stewpot Art Program. “I feel GOD (the Creator) is an artist, so I create art to be closer to him, or her.” - Charles William “Facial”

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